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Traditional Orkney Chairs

Our luxury Orkney Chairs made with the beautiful, dark hardwood WALNUT

Walnut has become the most expensive wood to source and consequently carries a higher price than our Driftwood Chairs or even our other hardwood chairs in oak and sapele.

Walnut does however make the most desirable chair with the depth of darkness in the wood setting off the golden glow of the straw magnificently.  We use Black American Walnut rather than European Walnut.  Black American Walnut reveals a beautiful patterned grain when cut and this provides a wonderful elegance to the chair.

Perhaps for this reason our orders for walnut chairs nearly always include a drawer which displays both the deep walnut and light straw very effectively.

Walnut chairs and stool

Two full-size Walnut Orkney Chairs with drawers and a matching Walnut Orkney Stool.

Walnut Orkney Chair baseWalnut Orkney Chair base - sideWalnut Orkney Chair base + rush seatStitching a walnut chair

Much care and preparation goes into the walnut base.  It is one of Ian's favourite woods to work with due to the quality of the grain, beautiful patterns are visible in the walnut base below left.  Jackie stitches the strawback on a Walnut Orkney Chair.

Walnut completed baseBeginning a walnut strawbackWalnut strawback almost complete

Walnut Orkney Chairs are available in a variety of designs: Traditional, Hooded, with Drawer, without Drawer, and in three sizes. 

Hooded Walnut Orkney ChairWalnut Orkney ChairWalnut Orkney Chair - side

Above - Full-size Hooded Walnut Orkney Chair with drawer and full size Orkney Chair with drawer and no hood.  

Walnut and Lady's Oak Orkney ChairsWalnut and Lady's Oak Orkney ChairsDriftwood and Oak Orkney ChairsWalnut full-size Orkney Chair and three-quarters Oak Orkney Chair, far right Old Orkney Driftwood Chair with solid seat and a Walnut Orkney Chair, both full size.


                                               Old Orkney Driftwood Chair         Oak Orkney Chair        Sapele Orkney Chair

                                               Old Orkney Driftwood Chairs            Oak Orkney Chairs                 Sapele Orkney Chairs