Scapa Crafts

Traditional Orkney Chairs

How can I be sure I am buying a quality product?

We pride ourselves on the high quality and finish of our Orkney Chairs, taking special care with the straw cleaning, stitching and smooth polish of the woodwork.  Please see what our previous customers have said Customer Testimonials.

How long will my Orkney Chair take to make?

An Orkney Chair takes two weeks to make, one week for the wooden base and one week for the strawback.  An Orkney Chair with a Hood will take three weeks to make, two weeks for the Hood and one week for the wooden base.   How soon we can make your chair epends on the timeslots we have available.  If you have a special date by which you would like the chair we will always try to accommodate you.

Can I collect my Orkney Chair myself?

Yes, you are welcome to collect your Orkney Chair in person if you wish otherwise we will ensre it is delivered safely to you.

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Yes, we have exported Orkney Chairs all round the world!  See Delivery.

How long will my Orkney Chair last?

Generations!  Orkney Chairs stay in excellent condition for years and years and can be passes down the family as an heirloom.

I have a cat, can I also have an Orkney Chair?

Yes. When you first put your Orkney Chair in your house with your cat watch your cat to see if it shows any interest in the chair.  If it goes near the strawback and stretches up to claw it clap loudly near the cat's face, yell and shoo it away.  Repeat every time the cat makes to claw the chair and it will soon loose interest.  Make sure there is something else in the house which the cat can use to sharpen its nails such as a cat scratcher.   Many Orkney Chair owners also have cats and both can co-exist happily.

Does an Orkney Chair require special care?

As with any piece of furniture we recommend your Orkney Chair is not exposed to excessive heat or damp.  An Orkney Chair in any home will normally remain in perfect condition for generations.

Do I need to clean the strawwork in any special way?

The strawwork does not require any special cleaning.  As it is so compact it does not become full of dust.  However, it's wise to keep it away from any excessive source of dust, eg a woodworking shed, but it will be fine in a normal household environment.  You may wish to hoover the strawback very gently or wipe with a soft cloth if any dust settles on the strawwork.  Do not use any detergent or strong cleaning agent on the strawback or on the wooden base.  A soft cloth is sufficent.