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Traditional Orkney Chairs

Dear Jackie & all at Scapa Crafts,
This is just to tell you how utterly delighted I am with my special Orkney chair.  Its new home is in our rooftop 'belvedere' in the heart of Edinburgh.  The only problem with it is the reluctance of other people to get out of it once they've tried it out!  - and I have now had to agree to allow my husband temporary rights of occupancy when I'm not using it myself...  We've only had it for less than a month, but it is already an established, and treasured part of our lives.  Thank you so very much for all your splendid work. 
With very best wishes, Gillian Tait, Edinburgh, Scotland - April 2014
As a regular visitor to Orkney since my first trip in 1971 I have always admired the crafts of the islands.  Orkney chairs are a particular favourite and I have often thought how lovely it would be to own one.  In 2013 I celebrated a milestone birthday and was lucky enough to be given this beautiful chair as a present.  It sits perfectly in the corner of my sitting room in Stirling. Although it's now a long way from Orkney it's a perfect reminder of my happy visits to the islands, and a lovely piece of furniture.  Sue Dumbleton, Scotland - November 2013
"Our lovely Orkney chair arrived yesterday and we are delighted with it - very many thanks to you all (and to McAdie and Reeve for its safe delivery. We were very impressed with the delivery driver I wouldn't fancy reversing a large lorry and trailor down our close!) Ever since our first visit to the islands in the early 1980s, we have looked longingly at these iconic pieces of Orcadian craftsmanship, but it has always been a case of 'lovely, but ... perhaps next time ?'. 
Well, it seems our visit to your workshop in September was our 'time' and, even better, a slot became available enabling us to receive our chair in a matter of weeks rather than months - it was obviously meant to be!  It is very comfortable and fits in really well with our other furniture - we're looking forward to showing it off to our friends and family !
Many thanks again, Derek & Margaret, Scotland - November 2013
A rather ghastly day weather-wise was suddenly brightened up by a phone call. The caller said that he had a parcel to deliver!  Also,he was only 2 minutes away from Orchard House. You will see him in the first photo I took. I was so excited that I delayed gettng my camera until after Colin had begun attacking the parcel! All was well and soon our beautiful Orkney chair was revealed in all its splendour. Our warmest thanks go to 2 Master Craftsmen, Jackie and Ian. All the relevant paperwork and photos will be kept in the drawer and my hope would be that our chair will be passed on to daughter Jenny,grand-daughter Catriona and unknown great grand-daughter! If we are ever back in Kirkwall we will most certainly call on you. Kind regards and our very best wishes to you all. Margory McCleery, Gloucestershire, UK - November 2013
Hello Jackie:  I returned home late Monday night and my daughter Susan had placed my chair in its box in my home.  I opened the box carefully and found to my complete delight a beautiful Orkney chair. The arms of the chair were left plain which is what I asked you to do and the seat is wider than the chair you had on display which is also what I asked you to do. For all of the above, I thank you. I am totally pleased with my chair. However,  I have one question. The oak wood is beautiful. Tell me if it needs any special care to remain so nice. 
With best regards, your very satisfied customer Bob Mckinnell, Minnesota, USA - October 2013 
Hooded Chair with Drawer
It is beautiful!! ….And was prised out of my grasping claws and gifted - a little earlier than planned - to the lucky couple on Wednesday, the actual date of their anniversary. They adore it.  I thought you would appreciate a picture of the chair in its new home - doesn't it look perfect?
With gratitude, Fiona Davidson, Scotland - September 2013
Jackie, I took delivery of my chair this morning and am thrilled with it.  It is every bit the chair I had hoped for so many thanks to you and your team.  Pride of place in my new kitchen.  Can I also say that the driver of McAdie & Reeve was very good and efficient and the firm has kept me informed after the unfortunate slow start.  Unloading the chair out of the huge truck all the way from the Orkneys was a bit surreal and so exciting. I am thrilled with it and have had some really nice comments from friends.  It certainly is loved in my house.  Long may your good work continue.
Many thanks, One very happy customer, Mags, UK - August 2013


I love the tradition of the Orkney Chair-how it came about originally and the way it continues to be made today using the long established methods. The appeal of the design and fabric rings out even in the context of a modern home. As a family we are fortunate to own a very old chair made from salvaged, panelled (ships?) doors from Flotta which was intelligently and sympathetically restored some years ago for us by Jackie at Scapa Crafts. It is a wonderful piece and it led me to want to commission something special for a present day Orcadian home with a nod to our Scandinavian neighbours across the sea.  Something that would sit well with pale floorboards, modern tinted walls, sheepskins and large windows streaming with northern light. You get the picture? The limed wax oak chair was born. A generous seat width, simple drawer and pale wax finish achieves everything I had hoped for and it will continue to mellow with time and  use. I think we were all delighted with the outcome and I am very grateful for Scapa Crafts for catching the ball and running with it.

Sue Flett, Orkney - July 2013



Peo with her Orkney Chair



'I really love the chair. I put it in front of the open fireplace where I love to sit when it gets cold outside.'
Peo Koehler, Germany




'Many thanks for my Orkney Chair. It arrived and I am delighted with it. Many people visit me and I shall also tell my chiropracter. I am sure my chair will be good for my back and I shall never again slouch on my settee! As I am 82 I feel that I have bought an heirloom!'
Barbara Neusam, England.

'Both chairs are very excellent and without any mistake. They smell very good and are giving a taste of Orkney to us. Perhaps we’ll have another chance to come to your beautiful country or to have the need to buy another piece of your famous products.'
Ulrich Dusterhoft, Germany

‘A beautiful piece of craftsmanship deserves to be admired but better still my husband sat in the chair all evening and was really impressed, as a back sufferer, with the support and comfort of the seat.’
Pat & Sydney Wood, Scotland

'How pleased we were to receive our Orkney Chair and how delighted we are with your very fine work. There were no problems with the delivery: cargo, customs etc. The package was in perfect condition and the chair as secure as a china tea cup.'
Nancy Schank, USA

Orkney Chair in New Zealand


'The enclosed photos tell you the chair now has pride of place in our house. It is admired by all, and some envious. Many thanks for all your trouble.'
Bob & Dorothy Kirkham, New Zealand.



'I took delivery of the Orkney chair and stool that you made for me from McAdie & Reeve (whose delivery arrangements were, by the way, excellent.) I am absolutely delighted with them. They will be treasured and have already been much admired by friends. I am very grateful to you and I wanted to let you know just how pleased I am.'
Charles Harpum, England.

'We are delighted with our chair and stool and people often ask where we found them so they can buy one too. We tell them about your beautiful island and how much we want to go back.'
Shirley Corse, France.

'We have received our Orkney Chair and are truly impressed with the finished product. It now takes pride of place in our home and in a short time has been very much admired by friends. Thank you for dealing with our request so quickly and professionally and in a manner which typifies Orkney and it’s people.'
Alister & Anne Cormie, Scotland

'We are very happy with the beautiful chair and we think every day of the hospitality at your home. Cookies or Chairs, Handmade are the Best!'
John & Thea van Ramesdonk, Holland

Chair in Germany



'Two important things happened…
We bought an Orkney Chair for which we have found a good place in our living room. We are very happy with it and appreciate your work you have done in such a short time. Thanks a lot.
We got married!'

Michael & Renate, Germany




'The chair looks beautiful in my sitting room and I’ve been meaning to have an Orkney Chair since I was married 30 years ago! Both of us had Orkney parents so it is a very appropriate thing for me to buy. Thank you again.'
Maureen Logie, Scotland

'We are delighted with the chair and it looks great in our living room. We will enjoy it and treasure such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.'
Irene Neilson, Scotland

'The Orkney Chair arrived here last week. It’s beautiful and looks marvellous in my old cottage as if it belonged there always. Thank you for doing such a fine piece of work for me.'
Alison Easton, England

‘My chair is very comfortable and I have spent many hours this winter sitting in it and reading in front of the fire.’
Claire Dean and her pup Ruby, USA

'I would like to thank you for the considerable effort you took to ensure that the chair got to us quickly and safely; the workmanship is really excellent and the chair is a delight to own. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends here who contemplate owning an Orkney Chair. Thank you for the high standard of the workmanship which went into the making of the chair.'
John & Sally Bartkowiak, USA.