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This beautiful chair went to America in April 2014:

December 2013 - wonderful little painted chair

This beautifully proportioned little chair needed a new back and Jackie was happy to oblige "A fine change!"  All fresh and new for 2014.  Although we couldn't find a stamp this is almost certainly a chair made by the famous Kirkwall chairmaker David Kirkness.  He frequently painted his chairs unlike his successor Reynold Eunson.  David Kirkness chairs are now on display ini the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Unusual Chairs we made in the summer of 2013

After making the four Red Driftwood Log chairs, master joiner Ian Kirkness used some other unusual wood which had been seasoning for 20 years and the above chair was the result.  A Yellow Pine Ladies Chair with stunning graining.  This chair has a "brother".  Ian made one other chair out of this wood - a full size Gent's for himself!

This wood does not belong to our normal collection but we are so pleased with the results that we would be happy to make a chair out of Yellow Pine for you on request.   The wood would not be identical in it's graining but would be similar.  The above chair was snapped up before we had even finished the stitching!


This is also an unusual Orkney Hooded Chair with which we were delighted.  It was a specially commissioned to have a rush seat and again has turned out to be a beautiful chair.  Although not one of our normal range we would again be happy to make such a chair again on request.


 A very unusual commission and our first ever Orkney Oak Chair finished with Lime wax.  This special chair delighted it's owner - see our customer testimonials - and it everything we hoped for in terms of unique elegance.




Some repairs have also been coming in.  We were amazed to find these two stools had been made by the famous chairmaker, David Kirkness.  We refurbished them and put new straw seats on.

White Driftwood Logs 

We also found some whitewood logs at the same beach as the red driftwood log and made this chair.  It had a pink hue when made which gave stunning marking in the graining.


Pengelly Scapa Chairs

Pengelly Orkney Chairs - over 20,000 visitors viewed the Pengelly Scapa chairs at Design Junction and Simon Pengelly reports continuing great interest in the chairs.  For more information see

October 2013 Smiles all round as the most beautiful quartet of chairs is completed from the Red Driftwood Log.


Red Driftwood Chairs are complete! The huge Red Driftwood Log made 4 magnificent Orkney Chairs.  The chairs are destined to remain with owners in Orkney, Scotland and England.


Busy summer 2013 our order book is full until Easter 2013.  We'll be busy this winter fulfilling orders to Australia, America, Switzerland, Scotland and England.  Thank you to all for your orders and interest interest in our handcrafted Orkney Chairs!  Above are some of the Orkney Chairs made this summer 2013.

Old tradition, young hands Jackie & Marlene are delighted to be passing down the tradition not only to their daughter, Bridget, but also their grandchildren, Leah & Owen.  Leah and Owen are first cousins and Leah is Bridget's daughter while Owen is the son of Jackie & Marlene's youngest daughter, Caroline.  Leah and Owen have become adapted at strawcleaning and are both now keen to learn more.  The Scapa Crafts Orkney Chair tradition looks set to continue!

Jerwood Makers Open 2013  We were proud to be asked to exhibit at the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness with the Orkney Crafts Association as part of the 2013 Jerwood exhibition, running 14 Sept - 9 Nov 2013.

designjunction, London Design Festival  from 18th-22nd Sept 2013 the first three Pengelly Scapa Chairs ever made were exhibited in central London.  They included an ash rocker, ash static chair and an oak rocker, all of which were made and delivered just in time for the exhibition.  Designer Simon Pengelly was amazed to find the Pengelly Scapa Chairs becoming the "Stars of the Show" with enormous interest amongst the 20,000 viewers.

Scapa Crafts works with award-winning British designer, Simon Pengelly  We were honoured to be asked be part of a brand new designer chair.  Simon Pengelly, who has designed for some of the most progressive manufacturing brands around the world, became fascinated by Orkney Chairs after seeing David Kirkness Orkney Chairs in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Simon commented: "Using the very modern techniques we have for making chair frames beside the old, traditional method of straw stitching struck me as a fascinating combination I really wanted to explore. Theresult is the Scapa Chair, a contemporary chair with a traditional twist."  Jackie was proud to stitch the long, straight strawback.  "A challenge but they are lovely" he said.


Red Driftwood Chairs in progress  Our master joiner, Ian, has so far crafted 4 beautiful chairs out of the huge red driftwood log.  We are delighted with the results and hope to find out what type of wood it is and where the log came from.  As no-one seems to know we are planning to send a sample of the wood to a dendrochronologist in Germany.   Suggestions so far have included red pine, yellow pine, pitch pine, redwood and douglas fir.

Huge red driftwood log

 Huge Red Driftwood log!  We recovered an exceptional log from South Ronaldsay at the end of January. The wood turned out to have a vibrant red colour when cut into planks and we're eagerly awaiting to see what the first chair will look like.  We estimate the log will make 6 chairs, 4 have already been ordered, so do let us know soon if you would like a red driftwood chair. We also found 3 white logs which is the wood we use to make our normal driftwood chairs.  Two of the logs came from the same beach in South Ronaldsay where the red driftwood log was found and each will make a splendid chair.

Rhode Island order!  Our beautiful Driftwood Hood with Drawer was in our Showroom less than a week before being bought.  The owner is so delighted she is considering ordering an identical sister chair!

Tradition will continue! 2013 was a big year from Scapa Crafts with Michael and Bridget joining Jackie in mastering the traditional craft of Orkney Chairmaking.