Scapa Crafts

Traditional Orkney Chairs

We also undertake special commissions to make the exact type and number of chairs you require.  

Examples of our commissions include from left:

A set of Driftwood Orkney Chairs made for the local award-winning Creel Restaurant in St. Margaret’s Hope ( far left).  

A set of 6 Oak Orkney Chairs made for a New York interior designer.

A set of 4 Oak Orkney Chairs made for a home in America.

A set of 2 Walnut Chairs with Drawers and a Walnut Stool made for a home in England.

An Orkney Stool (right) made to match an existing Stool (left).  The existing stool was given a new rush seat after the owner's parrot ate the top!

Indeed as well as making new chairs Jackie and Marlene also repair old chairs and stools.

If you have an old chair you would like restored or a special commission you would like to discuss please contact me on or call me on 01856 87 2517.